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Since I was a little girl, the holiday season reminded me of my grandmother's toffee. Each year as a part of my present from my aunt I would receive my very own tin of toffee and it was the gift I looked forward to the most. When I became a teenager my mom decided she would attempt to make the recipe that was passed down. It took many trials but she was able to master it (with the help of my dad as the official taste tester). We continued the holiday tradition of making the toffee and giving it away to family and friends many of whom became addicted to it and would anticipate the arrival of their tin each year.

The toffee was so important to me that I wanted to include it in my wedding. My mom made 
many batches and we packaged them in individual boxes with a message about my grandmother's 
memory and gave them away as favors. At the end of the wedding reception several guests 
who couldn’t wait to indulge in their favors were automatically addicted and doing everything 
they could to track down any extra little boxes of the toffee.

Two years later my husband and I decided we have to share the toffee with a larger population-
everyone! Our goal is to turn this family tradition into a family business. 

My husband Chris, daughter Reese, sons Ace, Champ and I currently reside in the Schaumburg, IL.
Kim Larson
Co Founder/Owner

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